/Launch malware

It is already known that the recent vulnerability (Ref. Lexsi 13190) in Adobe Acrobat/Reader when handling /Launch /Action is being exploited in the wild. Since yesterday, a new spam run exploiting this vulnerability has been spreading. The email comes from […]

Update: A new cybersquatting case for AFNIC…

Update : AFNIC contacted us regarding our recommandation to complain to them on this case. Since a few weeks, the regulatory context of the registry’s operations has changed. Regarding disputes, the 4th paragraph of the annex of this legal text […]

ZeuS’ very prolific offspring

Since 2009, the ZeuS Trojan, which also goes by the nicknames “PRG”, “Zbot” and “WSNPoem,” has been experiencing particularly disturbing transformations. Laboratory observations conducted by security researchers have revealed the emergence of unprecedented functionalities over the past six months which […]

Vulnerability in Windows Media Services

This month, Microsoft has fixed a vulnerability that we reported last summer, about a stack-based buffer overflow in the “Windows Media Unicast” service of Windows Media Services on Windows 2000 (Ref. Lexsi 13242). Although vulnerability research is not part of […]