Yet another 0-day in Windows

Following the recent 0-day in Internet Explorer (Réf Lexsi 12808) and the Operation Aurora, the 16-bit subsystem of Windows is vulnerable to a privilege escalation vulnerability. All Windows versions are vulnerable, from NT 3.1 (!) to Windows 7. Vulnerability (Réf […]

The man with the golden PDF

Adobe recently released versions 8.2 and 9.3 of Acrobat/Reader, patching several critical vulnerabilities including the recent “newPlayer()” 0-day (Réf Lexsi 12676). As system vulnerabilities will become more and more difficult to find and exploit, vulnerabilities in third-party applications will be […]

The use of biometrics for strong authentication

More and more companies choose to use strong authentication to ensure security, which is no more assured by a simple password. It is indeed easy to find by an attacker, either through social engineering, keylogging, brute force cracking or rainbow […]

Ingenious shellcode in a PDF document

Reading one of the last ISC’s diaries reminds a trick we recently encountered during a malicious PDF document’s analysis. It explains a somewhat special shellcode method in a PDF exploiting the latest 0-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader (Lexsi Ref. 12676). […]