On-going DDoS attacks against Iranian websites

Denial of service encouragement messages have been published on various websites since roughly a week. These messages target Iranian governmental websites; see, for instance, this blog post that was published on June 21st on Twitter. This call to action was […]

SSTIC 2009 : it’s over …

This is the terrible conclusion after this three-day symposium: unfortunately, it’s over … This year, we’re not going to make a report summarizing the various conferences, many blogs already do it, sometimes even in live. It was an opportunity to […]

Virut vs. removal tools

Among viruses that have made the headlines since the beginning of the year, we can find a new variant of Virut/Virux/Scribble. This is a polymorphic PE file (.exe and .scr) infector, connecting to an IRC server waiting for commands. This […]