Glaube Investment Corp hires (mules…)

We received today in one of our spamtrap, a “interesting job opportunity” from Glaube investment Company. This representative scam has, like usually, been massively sent through botnets of infected home-user PCs (here Comcast) or blog and forum comment spam. The […]

Gambling cybercrime study

We are pleased to release today our study on Internet Gambling Cybercrime, concluded in July 2006. This study is currently in French and openly downloadable. For english speaking readers that hate babelfish marmelade, here are the insights: we discovered 14k […]

Zimbabwe in the (Internet) dark

One of the world largest commercial satellite communications services provider, Intelsat, has shutdown the primary satellite link for Zimbabwe’s state communications company (TelOne) for non-payment. It has affected most of the ISPs in the country and resulted in very slow […]

NANOG and the t-shirt size

Who thought a network operators meeting isn’t funny? People who want to register for the next NANOG (North American Network Operators’ Group) meeting might have a surprise. They’re indeed required to specify a t-shirt size. If this could seems awkward […]

ICANN having troubles with cybersquatters?

As explained in this recent blog entry, the ISP constituency group of the Generic Name Supporting Organization, – one of the main ICANN constituent – is having hard times with the cybersquatters. One of their domain names,, has been […]